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Ancien 2016 Musque Chardonnay

An ethereal mélange of fruit-kissed floral notes await you in this bottle!   Honeyed orange blossom greets and then opens up to reveal tropical undertones.  The wine will continue to develop its heady mixture of fruit and floral, becoming more seductive and intoxicating over the next year.   While the lush, opulent texture of this wine point to this is as 100% Chardonnay, its uniquely bright and vibrant aromatics will keep your friends guessing about just what grape could create such a delight for the senses.

$43.00 per Bottle


Our Musque Chardonnay bottling is the culmination of a multi-year selection process at the Haynes Vineyard in Coombsville.  Grapes were tasted and selected on a vine-by-vine basis evaluating for the rare “musque” character.  The cuttings were then taken and planted to two rows in another section of the vineyard, which yield just a couple barrels each vintage.  The vines are all varietal Chardonnay, but possess the unique clonal traits lending the floral “terpene” aromatics reminiscent of varieties like Muscat, Viognier or Gewurtztraminer - though certainly in more subtle fashion.  This wine was made much in the same way as our other Chardonnays, fermented entirely in French cooperage.  Bottling was done after a total of 9 months in barrel.  68 cases produced.

Vintage 2016
Wine Style White Wine
Varietal Chardonnay
Appellation Coombsville
Size 750 ml