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California sunshine and Provence delights are captured in this vintage of rosé. Light rose color with copper hues.

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$36.00 per Bottle

A crisp, fruit forward & bone-dry Rosé that is delicious for all occasions. With Syrah & Malbec as the unique varieties of choice to craft this wine, our Rosato continues to prove its fantastic versatility. It’s perfect in settings ranging from black ties to flip-flops, compatible with so many hors d’oeuvres and entrées, and capable of enticing a smile at brunch, lunch, and dinner during all four seasons. As always, we remind you to avoid being “pinkwineaphobic” or you’ll miss out on this extremely limited crowd pleaser.

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$23.00 per Bottle

Riley's Rows is the project of Eric Flanagan's daughter Riley. Riley grew up with Flanagan Wines, and is now off on her own!

The 2018 Riley’s Rows Rosé was sourced from a small Syrah vineyard in Bennett Valley. The wine has a bright nose of wild strawberries and ripe citrus. The palate reveals notes of Chanterais Melon and Blood Orange.

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$28.00 per Bottle

Vivid aromas of blood orange, tart cherry, citrus zest and hibiscus flower delight the nose, while notes of cherry, pomegranate, dry berries and raspberry preserves dance across the palate. With a vibrant acidity and medium body, the ethereal finish lasts and lasts.  This is a true wine lover’s rosé with a South of France soul and a Napa Valley attitude.

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$66.00 per Bottle

The 2018 Rosé is in a tip of the cap to Old World nuance and sophistication.  Our 2018 Napa Valley Rosé of Cabernet Sauvignon reveals whispers of tart cherries, complimented by subtle hints of apricots. 

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$41.00 per Bottle