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The VC Team is available to do virtual tastings for your group! If you would like to set one up, drop us an email with the date you're interested in, how many persons would be in your group, and what your budget is.

Typically groups would purchase the wine ahead of time, and our virtual tastings are usually one hour.

Drop us an email!

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The Thanksgiving Edition! Presenting a perfect 4-pack for your holiday dinner, along with a discussion on all sorts of Thanksgiving foods and wines to pair. When you purchase this kit, we'll include Garret's recipe for Butternut squash soup with parsley oil and oven-roasted pecans in your tasting kit!

2018 Flanagan Chardonnay $50
Winemaker: Cabell Coursey
Pairing: Butternut squash soup with caramelized pecans & parsley oil (See recipe in your kit!)

2018 Ancien Mink Pinot Noir $56
Winemaker: Ken Bernards
Pairing: Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Roasted Chestnuts.

2014 Tela Cabernet Sauvignon $61
Winemaker: Rolando Herrera
Pairing: Turkey Cranberry Wellington (wrapped in puff pastry)

2015 Zosia Late Harvest Semillion $51
Winemaker: Roger Harrison
Pairing: Stilton cheese or almond honey pannacotta
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$209.80 per Bottle
A chat and tasting featuring Philippe Melka and wines from Roy Estate and Parallel Wines. Get to know Philippe and chat about these extraordinary wines, his winemaking style, and his background. Garret and Philippe are old friends, so this should be extra fun! 
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$804.00 per Bottle
It's the Holiday Edition! We’ll bring in the holiday decor, sounds of the season, good tidings, and BIG, BOLD REDS! Garret and Manon will discuss and will taste this perfect holiday kit.
2015 Nelcôte Cabernet Sauvignon “500 Cheveux” $126.
Winemaker: Philip Titus
Trivia: named after Formula One cars, min 500kg & 500hp

2015 Patel Malbec $126.
Winemaker: Julien Fayard
Trivia: The biggest boldest Malbecs in the world are from Cahors!

2017 Longfellow Cabernet Sauvignon $126.
Winemaker: Kale Anderson
Trivia: Kale was the youngest awarded 100 point from Robert Parker

2017 Ellman “Brothers Blend” Cabernet Blend $76.
Winemaker: Andy Erickson
Trivia: Andy Erickson was the winemaker for Screaming Eagle!
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$454.00 per Bottle

The needle goes through the cork and extracts a small amount of wine. When the needle is removed, the cork self-heals - no hole, and no air enters or escapes.  It allows you to taste a wine that you are laying down, and to drink your favorite VC wines without opening a whole bottle.

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