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The 2017 Corralitos Brut is the second released, but first produced. They skipped over this release initially, in favor of allowing this wine to develop and subsequently blossom. After spending nine months in barrel and 34 months in bottle, this wine was finally ready to disgorge. Due to the extended tirage aging, we’ve given this wine the recently disgorged (RD) designation. Aromas speak loudly of peach, nectarine, and bing cherry with meyer lemon, ruby grapefruit, and Marcona almonds on the palate. This is an emphatic expression of California and Corralitos. Very limited production.

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$47.00 per Bottle

The 2020 Gomes Vineyard Sparkling Albariño is a light and fresh sparkling wine with notes of gooseberry, kumquat, and stonefruit blossom. It is a fantastic aperatif wine and is guaranteed to pair so many
favorite recipes including grilled octopus!

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$29.00 per Bottle

Their 2021 Pét Nat Pinot Grigio is a fresh and clean example of pétillant naturel wine. Bottled with primary yeast sediment, it shows lovely yeast flavors characteristic of bottle aging. Early picking allows this wine to carry low alcohol along with an adunbance of energy and lightness.

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