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“…we are happy to welcome back our Wild Iris Sauvignon Blanc. She is a wily one, undaunted by the fires, she completely escaped the smoke taint that destroyed our 2020 Cabernets. So bright, Wild Iris will carry our 2020 flag.” -Laurie Claudon

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$36.00 per Bottle

The 2015 Eternity is a spectacular vintage! Opulent in every way, perfectly balanced, a velvety texture, firmly structured...words do not do it justice.

While both the Suckling Report and the Wine Advocate awarded this vintage of Eternity 95pts, at the end of the day, what matters most is that the 2015 Eternity is a vintage to celebrate the ordinary and the extraordinary. That is what an exceptionally beautiful wine is all about. From bud break to bottle, the ’15 Eternity responded beautifully to all the love it received. It was a short, difficult growing year. Yet, as it is often said: well-seasoned growers and winemakers, who deeply understand the collaboration, science and art of winemaking, make all the difference.

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$135.00 per Bottle
Eternity in one word is sumptuous! Its dark ruby depth and red cherry rim prepares you for an exceptional wine experience.
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