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5/23/2020 Laying it Down with Garret Pinot Noir Experience 4-pack

 On May 23rd, we’re doing a fun live-stream from upstairs at Vintner’s Collective. Garret will be leading a virtual tasting of 4 wines, and he will be joined by his daughter Manon Murphy. This is going to be light-hearted wine tasting, with a dash of drama, cheeky descriptives, and old-fashioned fun! ! This is our very first in a series of live-stream tastings and is open to all of our friends.
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$277.00 per Bottle


2016 Flanagan Sunchase Vineyard Pinot Noir ($79)
2016 Carte Blanche Sunchase Vineyard Pinot Noir ($66)
2018 Ancien Mink Vineyard Pinot Noir ($56)
2018 Las Bonitas Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir ($76)